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Disney DMV

Disney DMV

Here at Yonkers Honda, we know and love cars. We wouldn’t be in the car sales business if we didn’t. We also love Disney films, theme parks, and characters, because, well, who doesn’t? 

For his part, Walt Disney must have had an above-average affinity for automobiles, given how often attractions simulating the act of driving appears in Disney theme parks. Just counting car-themed rides that are currently open at Disney Parks, Walt Disney World boasts the Tomorrowland Speedway, Epcot has Test Track, and Autopia in Disneyland is one of the few attractions still in operation that opened when the park did in 1955, with a version of the ride also existing at Disneyland Paris. In fact, a version of Autopia can even be found at the Walt Disney Hometown Museum in Walt’s hometown of Marceline, Missouri. 

Given the intersection between Disney and cars and our love of both, the team here at Yonkers Honda got to thinking about what it would be like if some of Disney’s most famous characters had driver’s licenses of their own. Designer Matt Burt works on special projects for us here at Yonkers Honda, and as a huge Disney fan once he got on that train of thought he started coming up with ideas for different vanity license plates for these characters. Before you know it, he decided it would be fun to actually create some of the ideas we had come up with! 

All told, Matt made graphics for eight different Disney characters-including a driver’s license and license plate for each-creating a sort of “Disney DMV.” You can see everything he have created below, and be sure to keep your eyes out for all the fun jokes and references he slipped in throughout! 

One of the very first characters Matt thought of when coming up with these ideas was Aladdin. We can just see this desert-inspired license plate of Agrabah hanging off the back of the Magic Carpet as Aladdin, Abu, Jasmine, and Genie zoom around from the palace to the Cave of Wonders and all manner of adventures in between! 

While he may have come up with the idea for Aladdin’s license and plate first, Matt knew we had to pay homage to the very first feature-length Disney film, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. For this plate, he drew inspiration from the German origins of the original Snow White story while adding in symbols representing both the film’s main character as well as the profession of her seven diminutive besties.  

Speaking of old-school Disney classics inspired by foreign fairy tales, how could anyone forget Italy’s favorite puppet-turned-real boy, Pinocchio? Despite fudging his height and weight on his license application (and ruining his picture as a result), we could see Pinocchio staying true to his roots and wishing upon a star for the perfect wood-paneled station wagon to drive around, complete with a wooden license plate carved by Gepetto.   

If newer Disney films are more your thing, you might enjoy the space-themed style of the license plate belonging to Experiment 626, also known as Stitch. While zipping around in his spaceship, this alien adventurer always remembers that ohana means family. As a result, he has a Hawaiian license plate frame as a reminder of his family back on earth.  

Is Lilo and Stitch not new enough for you? How about the instant classic from 2013 that is Frozen? Besides featuring some of the catchiest kid-friendly songs in recent memory, Frozen also introduced the world to the lovable Kristoff and his even more lovable reindeer, Sven. Matt imagined together the two of them would need to apply for a non-motorized-vehicle license plate to hang off the sled they use to carry ice throughout Arendelle.

People who prefer older Disney movies as well as those that lean more in favor of newer productions can all agree that certain Disney characters are beloved classics whenever they show up. Donald Duck is one such character. He’s so influential, in fact, that the Duckburg DMV issued a special license plate featuring his iconic sailor cap! 

Speaking of classic Disney characters, Minnie Mouse fits that bill better than just about anyone. Known for her bow and affinity for polka dots, Matt incorporated both of those elements into her license plate design. He also figured that the fun-loving mouse might choose to purchase a Mini Cooper, just for the opportunity to hang a license plate frame on her car making it clear that it is “Minnie’s Mini.”

Finally, Matt had to include the mouse that started it all, Mickey. Calling Disney World home according to his driver’s license, Mickey’s license plate features a nod to the iconic Disney castle as well as encouraging his fellow drivers to “Never Stop Dreaming,” something we are sure his creator Walt Disney would support! 

Sadly, we can’t get any of these license plates for our own cars. For anyone in the real world in need of a new car to hang your less magical license plate on as it gets you to work, school, or even a magical Disney vacation, be sure to check out the great selection at Yonkers Honda!