With its third generation, the Honda CR-V has been completely redesigned. The vehicle is now lighter, more aerodynamic, and can seat up to five people. It also offers a spacious cargo area with an easy-to-use 60/40 split rear seat that allows passengers to sit in the back without losing too much legroom. Here are some of the exterior features of this great crossover SUV:

1) The new Honda CR-V comes standard with projector headlights that allow for better illumination on dark roads at nighttime
2) With less than 1 inch of ground clearance, this model is perfect for off-road adventures
3) A Class II tow hitch receiver will let you take anything from bikes to dirt bikes along with a trailer. It also has the highest towing capacity in its class
4) You can enter and exit the vehicle without too much effort thanks to its increased space between the bumper and rear door
5) The wider front grill will help your vehicle look more sporty and aggressive.



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