The Honda Ridgeline speaks to the outdoors enthusiasts on our Yonkers Honda team. This pickup is the perfect size inside and out. It's highly capable and efficient, with standout exterior features that are both aesthetic and practical.

If Looks Could Grille

Everyone notices the Honda Ridgeline's approach. On top of its beefy 18-inch bronze alloy wheels, it rocks a carbon-fiber-patterned sport grille. Resembling a chunky checkerboard weave, the grille promotes maximum intake of air. This keeps components under the hood cooler and contributes to improved aerodynamics and handling.

Redesigned Hood and Bumper

The Honda Ridgeline boasts a tweaked hood and bumper. Both have bold styling that gives this truck a broader stance for enhanced stability and reduced drag coefficient. The hood and bumper lines extend seamlessly to elongated body lines that cut through air like a hot knife through butter. The elongated body lines also make this mid-size pickup seem larger than it is, distinguishing the Honda Ridgeline's profile from every other pickup in the mall parking lot.



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