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Yonkers Police Department 628 UFOA - 4/17/2017 @ 9:00am by Boris Maksumov

As a resident business of the greater Yonkers community, this organization has made a commitment to help make things better. While the primary focus is providing great service to those looking for new and used cars, Yonkers Honda has made community support a priority as well. This company helps support several local Yonkers charities. One of the most important organizations that needs help is the local firehouse, Yonkers Local 628 UFOA. Read the Rest of the Blog Post Here.

Building Your Spring Break or Road Trip Playlist- 4/5/2017  @ 9:00am by Boris Maksumov

The road trip is a Spring Break tradition and we here at Yonkers Honda think that this is a tradition worth sustaining. To support your next road trip - whether during Spring Break or just over a long holiday weekend - we have put together a great playlist that will keep you focused and energized mile after mile. Read Rest of The Blog Post Here. 

Most Search Car Brands Across the US- 3/30/2017 @ 9:00am by Boris Maksumov

Most Searched Car Brands in US

At Yonkers Honda, we understand that there’s a lot of car brands out there to choose from. We were interested to see the popularity of Honda as well as other brands locally. We turned to Google Trends, and quickly realized that we’d opened an interesting can of worms and then decided to dig into consumer interest for top car brands on a national scale and how it has changed through the years. Read Rest of the Blog Post Here.

Relive March Madness Excitement - 3/20/2017 @ 9:00am by Boris Maksumov

Relive March Madness

For many people, the month of March does not simply signal the beginning of spring or even the arrival of a week-long Spring Break away from school but March Madness, one of the most exciting sporting events of the entire year. Read Rest of the Blog Post Here.  

Support Those Who Serve and Protect: Yonkers Police Department - 3/10/2017 @ 9:00AM by Boris Maksumov 

Yonkers Police Department Badge

We want to highlight the importance of giving donations to emergency services such as the Yonkers Police Department. Thanks to the Yonkers Police Department, the local community feels safe and secure each day. Read Rest of the Blog Post Here.

Hot New Hondas Steal the Show in Chicago - 3/9/2017 at 9:00am by Boris Maksumov

The Chicago Auto Show was on fire this year. For Yonkers Honda fans and car fans in general, the Chicago Auto Show never fails to exceed expectations. Right in the middle of the glamorous presentations and debuts was the 2018 Honda Odyssey and Honda Project 2 and 4. Read Rest of the Blog Post Here.

Winter Car Care, Maintenance, Preventative Car Maintenances - 2/11/2017 at 9:00 am by Boris Maksumov

Yonkers Honda Winter Car Care Maintenance Tips

Instead of making your New Year’s resolution all about you, this year, focus on keeping your car running at its peak. Make 2017 the year you finally invest in preventative car maintenance. Read the rest of the blog post here. 

Six Sweet Date Night Ideas in Yonkers Posted 2/1/2017 at 9:00am by Boris Maksumov

Date Night Ideas in Yonkers, NY

Valentine’s Day is rapidly approaching and we wanted to help make the planning process a little easier with a few ideas on how to spend the lovely holiday! With NYC and the boroughs nearby, you have no shortage of things to do any time of day or night.  Read the rest of the blog post here.

Drive Safe This Winter: Winter Driving Tips   Posted 1/23/2017 at 9:00 am by Boris Maksumov

Winter Driving Tips

Now that winter is finally here, it’s important to make sure you and your car are ready. Being prepared and knowing the rules of the road in winter are essential to stay safe. Read the rest of the blog post here

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